Your opinion is very important to us – Please help us to improve our service by filling in this short questionnaire.

Please be honest, if we don’t know where we are falling short then we can’t fix it. As a premier Triumph dealer, we strive to be outstanding in the service that we provide to you – our customers.

This questionnaire gives us a personal indication of how we dealt with you and the ways in which we can improve our service.

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Booking your service

When making your service appointment what was your opinion of us in terms of the ease of making your appointment? (1-10)

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On your arrival

When you arrived what was your opinion of us in terms of:

The appearance of our facilities? (1-10)

The way in which you were first greeted? (1-10)

The explanation of work to be done? (1-10)

During the service

During the service, what was your opinion of the staff in terms of our staff's interest and understanding of your needs & requirements? (1-10)

Were you kept updated on the progress?

Were you asked for your consent for any additional work to be carried out?

Were you notified of any changes in the expected price?


Was your bike ready at the expected time?

Was the work carried out to your satisfaction?

Was your bike in a clean condition?

What is your opinion of the way in which the invoice and work done was explained to you? (1-10)

After the service

Have we contacted you since your service to ensure your satisfaction?

Would you be happy to recommend us?


How would you rate us overall? (1-10)

Do you have any additional comments? What could we do to improve the Staffordshire Triumph experience?

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