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Thu, 27 Jun 2019

Discover the new Spring/Summer 2019 clothing collection

Your tired, worn and old gear deserves a happy retirement and nothing feels better for your riding adventures that comfortable, stylish new threads - from riding jackets to match your pride & joy, through to comfortable casual wear to make your day breeze by without irritation, right back until you're gearing up for yet another adventure.

The brand new Spring/Summer 2019 collection has arrived at Staffordshire Triumph and inside are plenty of fantastic pieces for men, women and even kids. From riding gear to casual wear, with CE certified armour fitted throughout the range of riding jackets, trousers, boots and gloves, ensuring your safety throughout your riding experiences. The casual wear range offers pieces to represent your favourite motorcycle brand when out and about with your gear.

Come in-store today to browse the full range in our clothing store. Our team are experts in the range and would gladly point you in the direction of some fantastic attire to make your summer season even better!