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Wed, 08 Nov 2017

New Tigers! Ready for Adventure!

You will most likely have seen the brand new Tiger range Triumph have just released at the EICMA 2017 show. Which tell us both models will be coming to our dealership very, very shortly. On the 7th of November both new models were released and ridden in to the Triumph stand by Charley Boorman, who needs no intorduction if you are even slighty into motorcycling and Nick Plumb, 4 times Dakar contender and CEO of Touratech UK.

Both new bikes have been redesigned, getting a range of new mods. Each hosting a range of updates to a long list of already stonking features. Such as new LED lights, a full colour dash and new rider modes. One very new one called Off Road Pro, to make them both more off road ready when the smooth stuff runs out.  A host of new colours have been unveild too. Which to our delight look nothing but ace! Really standing out and givining even more depth to each model.

With all this news also comes the added excitement of the launch for the all NEW Triumph off road riding skills course in South Wales. It will be the largest offroad leading manufacturer school in the UK and will be run by Nick who I mentioned earlier.  

2018 is looking very exciting indeed and I personally can't wait for the new year to arrive so I can get booked onto this off road course and experince both new bikes for myself!  

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