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Mon, 05 Sep 2016

Triumph Motorcycle Parade Almost Doubled

We recently took part in the Triumph Motorcycle Parade, where we along with many other passionate Triumph riders attempted to break the world record for most Triumph motorcycles in attendance. Each entree donated their entry fund to a fund set up by Jessica Simpkin, in aid of the University of Nottingham's Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre.

Jessica having already raised more than £16,000 said "I think it's amazing all these people that want to help come and support." "I want to help to raise money for research into childhood brain tumours, so that the treatment and cure does not cause the problems in later life that I am experiencing."

The record stands at 362, but we believe up to 688 riders are thought to have taken part in this years attempt with us. We're waiting for the record to be verified, but we're sure we beat it. 

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who turned out and donated with us. It's a fantastic cause to be giving to and just shows the public how brilliant our little community can be. We'll keep you all updated.

Thank you all.